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Mountain West Electrical Services, LLC

Mountain West Electrical Services, LLC

208 Fayette Pole Creek Rd
Pinedale, WY 82941
Mountain West Electrical Services, LLC, Electricians, Services, Pinedale, Wyoming

If you’re looking for a small town electrical company that provides high quality services, Mountain West Electrical Services, LLC should be the first on your list of considerations. This locally-owned Pinedale company offers everything from electrical repair service to industrial maintenance, and their highly skilled staff is fully equipped to handle any job in between.

Mountain West Electrical Services, LLC works with companies big and small to provide honest and reliable services that meet very high standards. With quality always in mind, the electrical contractors at this company use only the best products and systems found on the market to ensure that you’re getting the best bang for your buck. This electrical company also offers round-the-clock support in case you have a question, concern, or problem that needs to be quickly addressed.

As safety is always a significant factor in any electrical job, Mountain West Electrical Services, LLC takes measures to ensure that every member of their team is well-trained and well-prepared to handle any on-the-job issues. Whether you hire them for a complete renovation or a simple electrical fix, the certified electricians at Mountain West Electrical Services, LLC take the time to make each work environment safe and conducive to your overall goals. 

To hire a certified electrician, or to inquire about residential wiring, electrical installation, or other services, give Mountain West Electrical Services LLC a call at (307) 367-8400, or visit them online

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