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Ken Marcotte's Professional Auto Service is the leading auto service provider in the Loveland, OH area. They believe in providing their customers with affordable, quality service and guaranteed satisfaction. Their highly skilled mechanics have experience with cars of various makes and models, and use the latest technology and equipment to diagnose and repair your vehicle. Their technicians know your trust is important, and they will not only explain the problem, but will take you through the repair process and let you know all your options.

Regular car maintenance is essential to keep your vehicle running smoothly, and unexpected problems can mean more expensive repairs. Ken Marcotte’s Professional Auto Service provides tune-ups to keep your car at its best. You also want to make sure your brakes work in an emergency and your wheels are in top shape. They provide brake work, and wheel alignments to keep you safe on the road. They will even provide a free visual inspection and estimate for your brakes. 

All of their mechanics are fully licensed and insured, so you know your car is in the best hands. If you’ve had an accident, Ken Marcotte’s Professional Auto Service also provides expert auto body repair and will make your car look like it just came out of the showroom. No one will know the difference!

Take your car to someone you can trust. Call Ken Marcotte’s Professional Auto Service at (513) 683-7852 for your next tune-up, or visit their website for a full list of their services.

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