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When you have become victim to a tired, aching body and are looking for ways to treat the pain yourself, the homemade heating and cooling pads at Rocky Mountain Soothies could be your solution. Serving residents throughout Kalispell, MT, and the entire United States, this product provides the pain relief needed after a hard day’s work.

Designer and owner Patty created the Soothie 14 years ago after a visit to her doctor prompted her to find a solution to her stiff neck that was more convenient than the traditional heating pad. Her doctor had explained that moist heat would cure the pain and that she could get that by heating a rice sock in the microwave with a saucer of water. After visiting a health food store and being told his rice socks didn’t sell because people complained that they caused headaches, Patty began searching for another solution immediately, especially after she figured out that mold was the culprit for the headaches.

Made of soft, durable fabric that comes in a wide selection of colors, types, and sizes and a non-toxic filling that won’t harm humans or pets if they get ahold of it, the Soothie is expertly constructed and safe for everyone from toddler to senior. No matter if you are suffering from a stiff neck or your child has fallen and sprained an ankle, these heating and cooling pads are excellent at providing pain management that will get you back to living a more comfortable life.

When pain relief is what you need, look no further than the products offered at Rocky Mountain Soothies. Their fabric and flexibility make them a viable solution for aches and pains. Call (406) 755-6511 to speak to a member of their staff or visit their website for more information.

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