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Transform Fitness Studio, Gyms, Health and Beauty, Mountain View, California

A unique fitness studio featuring the Lagree Megaformer.  With its innovative body sculpting equipment and dedicated trainers, Transform Fitness Studio in Mountain View will forever change the way you think about exercise, as well as transform your body in ways you never thought possible. The slow, controlled movements used on their one-of-a-kind Megaformer machines, developed by Hollywood Sebastien Lagree, put your muscles under constant strain, guaranteed to leave you sweating, shaking, and hungry for more.

Transform Fitness Studio’s exercise classes feature the MS3, the newest and most advanced Megaformers, which allow you to push your body to new limits. Their Lagree Fitness-certified instructors will lead you through a challenging program which will work your muscles to the point of failure, which is where you will truly begin to see results.

Moving slowly through each exercise concentrates on building your slow-twitch muscle fibers, proven to improve muscle endurance, produce massive strength gains, and a give you a sculpted, powerful look. In each 45-minute class, you’ll burn over 500 calories and use every muscle group in your body, in a revolutionary strength training program that will leave you feeling physically and mentally stronger after every workout.

Transform also features Schwinn Carbon Blue bikes for intense cardio indoor cycling workouts.

To learn more about Megaformers and the amazing results you can achieve, visit Transform Fitness Studio online or follow them on Facebook today.

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October 22, 2016 9:00AM - October 22, 2016 12:30PM
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Body Spec Van Coming to Transform Fitness, San Jose, California
September 18, 2016 6:45AM - September 18, 2016 4:45PM
BodySpec performs body fat and body composition testing using a truck equipped with a DXA scanner. In a fully-clothed 10-min scan, you'll learn more about your body than you've ever ...read more
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 Free Water Bottle or Grippy Sox with Purchase of Package, San Jose, California
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Get $100 off all 20 class packs at Transform Fitness Studio.Get 20 MegaFormer classes using the Lagree method of slow and controlled movement.  Or 20 Cycling classes in our stat...read more
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Come join our awesome instructor Mel, as she leads a ride with some romantic, sultry and downright naughty songs in this class.  First, a 6:30 indoor cycling class.   ...read more
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BodySpec performs body fat and body composition testing using a truck equipped with a DXA scanner. In a fully-clothed 10-min scan, you'll learn more about your body than you've ever ...read more
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THANK YOU to all who came out yesterday in costume, pimped their bikes, donated to the the Breast Cancer Charities of America and hooted and hollered through a sweaty two hour ride! ...read more
Come earn your Halloween candy and join us for a spin to support Breast Cancer Awareness month. The cycling class is free, but your fundraising and donation efforts will be 100%...read more
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The dedicated trainers at Transform Fitness Studio in Mountain View, CA, want you to know one thing: In order to achieve maximum health and wellness, you must believe in yourself and...read more
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