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Experimac Overland Park, Computer Repair, Services, Shawnee Mission, Kansas

You rely on your iPhone® to make phone calls, check social media, and capture important moments which is why an unexpected cracked screen can be frustrating. At Experimac Overland Park their knowledgeable team of skilled technicians is dedicated to solving issues with Apple® devices across Johnson County, KS, including broken or damaged phone screens.

This local phone and computer repair shop employs a well-trained staff of Apple device technicians who are prepared to tackle a wide range of problems. From LCD screen replacements to water damage repairs, they will work hard to get your iPhone back up and running in a timely manner. Do you have an older iMac® or MacBook®? They also provide storage replacements and upgrades, as well as data transfers and battery replacements for Apple computers.

In addition to phone and computer repairs, their store offers a large stock of Apple devices including phones, tablets, and laptops for sale. Their pre-owned inventory is filled with high-performance products that have been tested, examined, and cleaned by their licensed technicians. You can also count on all of their devices and accessories to be competitively priced.

Experimac Overland Park prides themselves on providing excellent customer service to every client. When you visit their store, they will treat you with the respect you deserve. They will listen to questions and concerns and create an effective plan of action for your specific situation.

For fast and reliable phone and computer repair services, contact the professionals at Experimac Overland Park. Call them today at (913) 258-8833 to schedule a free evaluation or visit them online for more information on their repair service and warranty options.

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