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No matter what your industry, safety should be a prime concern in the workplace. If your business employs forklifts in warehouses and beyond, drivers and passersby must feel safe and protected to help them do their jobs safely and effectively. ALERT Safety Products will do just that, with innovative forklift safety systems that will revolutionize your work environment.

According to a national study, every dollar spent on workplace safety systems leads to three additional dollars in savings. The ALERT line of products can create warning systems, prevent accidents and injuries, enhance overall safety, and decrease Worker’s Compensation claims by protecting workers on foot from forklifts in motion around blind corners and in dangerous intersections. All of these factors contribute to better morale, better productivity, and better profits for your business.

ALERT’s cutting-edge workplace safety systems include:

  • Directional Worker Alert: This alert warns pedestrians of an approaching forklift via microwave sensor technology.
  • Mirror Systems: A normal mirror becomes a caution sign when a forklift approaches.
  • LED Caution Sign: An approaching forklift triggers a flashing LED beacon.
  • Office Alert: A small LED display alerts pedestrians to the presence of a forklift; ideal for offices and doorways.
  • Zone Alert: A photo sensor alarm will inform workers of an area occupied by forklifts. The alert counts each forklift and keeps the alarm on until the final forklift exits.
  • Limit Alert: This alert limits forklift speed upon entering and exiting designated areas.

With workplace safety systems from ALERT Safety Products, you can create an atmosphere of safety in your business and show employees how much you value their well-being. To learn more about their innovative technology and forklift safety systems, call (513) 791-4790 or visit their website.

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