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USA Hoich Irrigation is Nebraska’s leading irrigation business. What started as a small operation in Omaha over 30 years ago has since grown into a fully-fledged grounds maintenance, lawn irrigation, sprinkler installation and sprinkler repair business that serves every commercial hub in Nebraska, including the Council Bluff and Lincoln areas. But no matter where you are, you can count on the promise from USA Hoich Irrigation co-owners, Al Gangestad and Jim Peters, to provide you with outstanding service with a team that will stop at nothing to give you the landscape of your dreams.

USA Hoich Irrigation has the solution for every garden plan or problem. Their team has faced countless landscapes that need water saving irrigation or relief from the troubles of their existing systems and USA Hoich Irrigation has handled them all.

When you call USA Hoist Irrigation, they will take on your project backed by their years of experience with a proven track record of 5-star workmanship and demonstrated commitment to excellence. Trustworthy and reliable, each of their irrigation designs are installed to save you water and make the most use of the resources you have. With their perfect positioning techniques you’ll have a lawn that’s best for you and better for the environment.

USA Hoist Irrigation also has maintenance irrigation plans for fall, summer and winter so you never have to worry about your system again. Sprinklers, underground piping and aboveground drips can all be taken care of by their technicians.

With USA Hoich Irrigation as your residential or commercial irrigation partner, you’ll have everything you need. Call them today at (402) 896-5899 or visit them online for an in-depth view of their maintenance systems. 

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