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Cleaning up hazardous materials should be left to the professionals to reduce the risk of further contamination and the spreading of diseases. When you need biohazard cleanup at crime scene, call Bio-X in Aiea, HI. They’re proud to serve as area law enforcement’s partner for blood removal and crime scene cleaning.

Bio-X works with families and crime scene investigators for a thorough and swift cleaning of contaminated surfaces and rooms. They provide cleaning services for suicide, biohazard cleaning, body decomposition and undiscovered death removal, sewage backups, and hoarding cleanup. With so many services provided, they show in everything they do that they are the No. 1 biohazard cleaning team on Oahu.

Because of how hazardous these materials are to their—and your—health, these experts are licensed, hold several certifications, and go through extensive training so they can safely remove and dispose of the hazardous waste. They adhere to the guidelines provided by government agencies, such as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), and routinely work with police, fire, and insurance agencies. In fact, these agencies are the source of most of their referrals, proof that Bio-X is the trusted, go-to partner for biohazard cleaning.

Whether you’re looking for emergency vehicle decontamination or tear gas and excretion cleanup, these are the experts you want to rely on for safe, intensive cleaning jobs. Call Bio-X today at (808) 388-6700 or visit them online for detailed descriptions of all of their services offered.

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