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Byer Steel is a customer-oriented scrap metal recycling center and rebar mill in Cincinnati, providing industrial and retail customers with convenient, no-hassle recycling solutions. Since 1937, major industrial operations and individuals alike have turned to these professionals for all of their recycling needs. Their experience in the industry allows them to process a wide variety of metals and produce some of the highest-quality steel rebar products on the market.

Manufacturers, fabricators, demolition companies, and maintenance shops all benefit from Byer Steel’s roll-off container services, tailored to the size and level of activity at your operation. They have many container sizes available, and promise a high level of service and quick payment turnarounds.

Unlike most retail metal recycling centers, which lack customer service and cleanliness standards, Byer Steel provides a clean, well-maintained facility with drive-through recycling services and immediate payment. They accept almost any type of metal, including brass, aluminum, steel, iron, and even lead at very competitive prices.

In addition to their industry-leading recycling program, Byer Steel is also the only domestic commercial producer of axle grade rebar, made exclusively from recycled train axles. Their products are available in a variety of shapes and strength grades, and can even be custom made to suit any application.

Visit Byer Steel online to learn more about their products and services, or call 513-948-0300 now to discuss your needs today.

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