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Having a loved one in jail can take its toll on you emotionally and financially. Bails can be set very high, making it difficult for your loved one to make bail. That’s where Aces Bail Bonds comes in. This bail bonds service, located in Bridgeport, CT, acts on the behalf of the defendant as a surety for their bail, and in exchange charges an affordable fee for the defendant’s release.

By going through Aces, you’re helping your loved one get released from jail in a timely fashion with a licensed, reliable agency with the guarantee that the accused will be present for every future court hearing. Bail bonds agents usually charge around 10 percent of the total bail. Thanks to the amazing legal services provided by this bail bonds agent, you are able to set up a payment schedule that’s not too hard on your savings or checking account.

Hope has just been restored in seeing those you care about again thanks to the reliable services of Aces Bail Bonds. Call today at (203) 257-6228 or visit them online to learn more about their services and what options you can take in obtaining someone’s release from jail.

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