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Detox of South Florida, Rehabilitation Programs, Services, Okeechobee, Florida

If you or someone you know needs treatment for alcohol abuse or drug addiction, the highly skilled professionals at Detox of South Florida can help. This facility specializes in drug and alcohol detoxification as well as other forms of addiction treatment. The experts at this rehab center recognize that the recovery process is unique for each individual, so they strive to provide specialized programs and services that meet each and every patient’s needs.

As one of the most advanced rehab centers in South Florida, this facility is highly regarded for its effective services. In fact, it’s one of the few centers to be approved to offer patients IV/Amino Acid Therapy. Other forms of therapy available at Detox of South Florida include ionic cleansing, meditation, and prayer.

With compassion always in mind, this drug rehab center ensures that each patient gets the attention and support they need to overcome drug and alcohol related obstacles. Staff members at this facility are passionate about helping individuals achieve their goals and are available round-the-clock to provide support.

To find out more information about addiction treatment programs that include detox and wellness services, give Detox of South Florida a call at (863) 623-4923, or visit them online

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