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Banners Childcare

3510 Winton Pl
Rochester, NY 14623
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Banners Childcare, Kindergartens, Family and Kids, Rochester, New York

At Banners Childcare, they are far more than just a daycare center. Rather, than operating as a facility that simply watches over the safety of your child, their staff have created an environment where children are excited about learning and interacting with their peers. Located in Rochester, NY, their facility has continued to exceed even the highest standards for quality childcare for over 29 years.

Nestled inside one of Rochester’s earliest buildings designed especially for childcare, Banners Childcare has dedicated itself to helping children develop in a safe and exciting atmosphere. Employing a focused learning style with daily objectives, lesson plans, and evaluations, the programs implemented at their learning center allow for the physical, emotional, social, and cognitive growth of each child they watch over.

Banners Childcare’s early childhood education program provides instruction for preschoolers through Kindergarten utilizing the Reggio Emilia approach. This approach emphasizes learning through interaction with others and strives to teach children the skills of critical thinking, collaboration, and understanding. The goal is to encourage and strengthen a child’s ability to explain their reasoning. The staff encourages each child to develop their unique gifts, personality, and beliefs.

Whether your child isn’t quite old enough to attend school, or they need adult care to fill in scheduling gaps, their center provides the same quality care for children aged 6 weeks up to 12 years of age. No matter where your need for childcare stems from, parents and guardians throughout the Greater Rochester area can rest easy knowing their children are under the best possible care offered outside the home.

To speak with an employee regarding new enrollment, call (585) 427-0700 today. For more detailed information about their curriculum, enrollment process, and classroom atmosphere, visit them online.

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