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Mount Washington Care Center, Nursing Homes & Elder Care, Family and Kids, Cincinnati, Ohio

Mount Washington Care Center is committed to providing the best long-term care for Cincinnati’s senior citizens. They take a multi-faceted approach to elder care that encompasses the medical, emotional, social, and spiritual needs of their patients. For more than three decades, Mount Washington Care Center has been a trusted name in elderly care services.

The caring, compassionate professionals of this assisted living facility offer many options to support, sustain, and treat their clientele. Rehabilitation and restorative care are the cornerstones of their practice. They provide physical, occupational, and speech therapies, dietary monitoring, hospice care, and a regular schedule of activities. They also have social workers available to talk with patients and families, as well as church and chapel services for various denominations.

Medical care at Mount Washington Care Center is second to none. Their nursing staff provides around-the-clock care and is comprised of both registered nurses and licensed practical nurses. The average length of experience for a nurse at Mount Washington Care Center is 20 years, and the entire operation is overseen by a highly skilled group of healthcare management professionals. The nursing care team ensures that each patient receives regular visits from doctors, as well as a personalized plan of care that is adhered to with proficiency and respect.

Mount Washington Care Center is a Medicare and Medicaid participating facility. They are also a preferred provider for many private-pay insurance plans and HMOs. We are also a VA-Paid Contract Nursing Home where the VA determines nursing home eligibility. Currently, there is no limit on the length of time a veteran can remain in a VA-paid contract nursing home like Mt. Washington Care Center, and we can quickly determine your eligibility. They are a member in excellent standing with the Ohio Health Care Association, and, in both 2019 and 2020 they were rated five stars for overall quality. 

At Mount Washington Care Center, the dignity of every patient is the primary focus. You or your loved are treated like a member of the family and are given the space to flourish in a supportive, safe environment. Call (513) 231-4561 today to see how Mount Washington Care Center can exceed your expectations and support your health and well-being.

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