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Learning to swim benefits both the body and mind. At Swimming Los Angeles Swim School, they take a personal approach to swimming lessons for kids and adults. “Swimming is Learning” is the driving philosophy behind Swimming Los Angeles, and they have developed an innovative approach to learning that engages swimmers of all ages, levels, and abilities.

Former competitive swimmer and Swimming Los Angeles founder Matt Harrigan defines swimming as “being comfortable in and under any depth of water.” “Comfortable,” Matt says, “should mean having the ability to truly enjoy being in water above head level, without flotation devices.” To that end, the Swimming Los Angeles Swim School approach is one of tackling the fundamental “Three B’s” of swimming: buoyancy, balance, and breath control, which in turn will lay the foundation for the final step and ultimate goal of swimming classes: propulsion. Utilizing this technique, Swimming Los Angeles instructors have taught hundreds of people how to master the water.

Swimming is obviously an excellent way to stay in shape. But a recent Australian study also found that kids who learn to swim at an early age are attaining key milestones in learning development on an average of 15 months sooner than their non-swimming peers. So not only does swimming give you a good workout, but it’s hugely beneficial to the mind and one’s cognitive function and growth.

Swimming Los Angeles Swim School offers infant swim lessons for little ones as young as two months of age. They also offer toddler swimming lessons, as well as children's swim lessons. Adults of any level or experience are invited to take classes, too; Swimming Los Angeles has adult swim lessons Learn-to-Swim Clinics, semi-private instruction, and private, one-on-one adult swimming lessons.

Call (310) 994-SWIM (7946) or visit the website of Swimming Los Angeles Swim School to enroll in lessons for yourself or your children today. Their website also contains a wealth of information about the positive benefits of learning to swim. They will have you taking to the waves in no time!

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