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With over 20 years of experience in the computer industry, Computer Power provides high quality laptop repair, computer installation, and troubleshooting services to the residents of the Greater Cincinnati area. Their highly skilled staff and quick turnaround times have made them one of the most highly regarded local computer repair companies in Ohio.

The tech experts at Computer Power are so well-versed in their field that they can handle any computer jam or mishap anytime you need them. In fact, this computer repair company offers on-site tech support to businesses and individuals who need their tech problems solved in a hurry.

Also specializing in virus removal, Computer Power is fully equipped to diagnose any and all computer issues that seem nearly impossible to fix. If a virus is not the main problem, the Computer Power staff will troubleshoot your computer’s issues and solve them on the spot. If you prefer Macs to PCs, Computer Power also has Apple certified technicians on staff that are ready to diagnose MacBook issues and repair them quickly and efficiently.

To find out more about PC or MacBook repair, computer installation, or virus removal, give Computer Power a call at (513) 771-9006, or visit them online

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