Mount Washington, Kentucky

Mt Washington Animal Clinic

Mt Washington Animal Clinic

727 N Bardstown Rd.
Mount Washington, KY 40047
(502) 955-6822
Mt Washington Animal Clinic, Veterinarians, Health and Beauty, Mount Washington, Kentucky

Through a strong connection with local veterinary specialists, Mt Washington Animal Clinic in Kentucky provides complete animal care for pets across Bullitt County. With more than 40 years of proud service to families and pets in the local area, you can rely on their staff to deliver personal and compassionate care.

The locally owned and operated animal clinic employs a skilled team of veterinarians and technicians who are truly passionate about treating your family’s pets. Their entire staff lives by the motto of “enriching people’s lives thru healthy loving pets.” They work hard to utilize the latest equipment and techniques in the field to better examine and diagnose animals. You can count on their team to provide you with the necessary educational information regarding nutritional habits and other healthy tips for your pets.

At Mt Washington Animal Clinic, they specialize in a variety of medical services, including physical examinations, microchipping, biopsies, and prophylactic dentistry. Their modern pet clinic offers an in-house laboratory which allows them to perform urinalysis tests. If your cat or dog requires surgery, they have the expertise to conduct an array of procedures, such as spays, neuters, and tumor removal. They also have a fully stocked pharmacy and boarding service.

When choosing a veterinarian for your family’s furry friends, look no further than the caring team at Mt Washington Animal Clinic. Call their friendly staff today at (502) 955-6822 to schedule an appointment or clinic tour. Also, don’t forget to check them out online for a full list of services.

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