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While mother nature deals out high winds and freezing temperatures, heating your Alaskan home can be difficult. At Wood Heat Fire Stone in Soldotna, AK, they offer a unique heating solution for homeowners across the Kenai Peninsula. As a certified dealer and installer of Tulikivi of Finland soapstone masonry heaters, clients can take advantage of a “green” alternative to effectively heat their homes.

With a classic design that dates back centuries, stone masonry heaters are an energy efficient solution for comfortable radiant heat. Wood Heat Fire Stone is proud to supply and install Tulikivi heater because of their environmentally friendly design that consumes harmful gasses within the soapstone mass while storing enough heat from one fire to heat your home for the entire day.

They stock and install several different masonry heater models. You and your family can select from models that burn any type of split, dry natural wood, or commercially produced pellets. The wood is burned all at once to capture the full power of the wood fuel and slowly distributed throughout the course of the day. The soapstone tiles themselves come in a variety of colors, including Tulikivi classic, blue, sky, and green.

To hear more about the energy saving and eco-friendly soapstone heaters at Wood Heat Fire Stone, call them today at (907) 262-3106. Their friendly staff will carefully explain the unique process and pricing options. Check them out online for a full description of their clean energy heaters.

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