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Big Island Vision Center Inc

Big Island Vision Center Inc

899 Ululani St., Ste 1
Hilo, HI 96720
(808) 935-3937
Big Island Vision Center Inc, Optometrists, Health and Beauty, Hilo, Hawaii

As you age, your five senses all become progressively weaker. It’s important then to seek out options to mitigate the impact aging has on our senses. When you’re looking for options for your eyes, trust Big Island Vision Center in Hilo, HI, to help improve your eyesight. Their eye doctor, Cedric Mitsui, has provided quality optometric and optical services to patients islandwide for over 20 years.

Whether you’re in need of contact lenses or eyeglasses, this eye doctor offers several options for improved vision, including designer eyewear from brands such as Ray Ban®, Nike®, and Coach®. Their state-of-the-art optical edgers allow them to provide single vision plastic lenses to 90 percent of their patients within an hour, making it one of the most efficient vision care centers you’ll ever visit.

If eye care is of the utmost importance to you, know that at Big Island Vision Center, you’re receiving services from one of the top optometrists in the field. Dr. Mitsui is one of 58 optometrists in the United States to have received the Optometric Recognition Award in 2017, his eighth consecutive year of receiving the recognition and 14th year overall. These distinctions were earned through intensive eye care for his patients, putting them in the best position to treat potential illnesses and improve the quality of their sight.

Whether you’re in need of emergency eye care or you’re just looking for a new set of frames, there’s no eye doctor more experienced in the area than Dr. Mitsui. Call Big Island Vision Center at (808) 935-3937 today or visit them online for additional information on their eye care services.

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