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In Alaska, getting from one place to another can be a difficult task. At MJM Services, they understand the importance of their work and pride themselves on giving clients throughout Wasilla and Anchorage reliable paving and sealcoating services for both residential and commercial purposes.

From parking lot to driveway paving, these professionals have 25 years of experience and skills that will be put to work for you to provide beautiful asphalt surfaces every time. Customer service is of extreme importance to them, as they keep each client informed of the process throughout every step.

They are known for their quality workmanship and precision. They come to each job equipped with the best tools on the market, including tamping machines that pack down the area where the asphalt is placed and large paving machines that can lay large portions of asphalt quickly.

If your driveway has seen better days and needs replaced after years of harsh winters, count on this team to provide quick and efficient service. If you aren’t looking to replace an entire area, they are also skilled in repair work and will fix any problem they come across, whether it be large cracks or small fissures. They also provide repair work for commercial parking lots, including patching, sealcoating, and striping.

Contact the paving specialists at MJM Services today for dedicated service. Call them at (907) 376-5222 to talk with an employee about receiving a free estimate, or visit their website for more information on their services.

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