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Whether you’re unsure if you require some form of vision correction or you’re looking for alternatives to your current prescriptions, you need to trust that your eye doctor, or optometrist, will find the perfect solution to aid your vision. At Spencerport Optical in New York, their specialists have over 32 years of experience in optometry. Whether you suffer from cataracts or want to ditch your eyeglasses for contact lenses, their doctors will make optical health and satisfaction their number one priority.

When you need an eye exam, it’s more than just checking for near and farsightedness--their doctors perform various tests to check for vision degeneration, blurred vision, dry/watery eye evaluation, checks for various diseases, and more. With thorough exams of the health of your eyes, their optometrists will stay on top of your vision corrections and potential diseases or infections and be able to provide you with personalized care.

After it’s been determined that vision correction is required, you’ll have various options for eyeglasses, prescription sunglasses and contact lenses available to you. Whether you’re looking for designer eyewear or a simple set of frames, choose from their vast collection for the style that best suits your needs.

While not everyone requires glasses, when they do, they should find an optometrist who wants to do more than put glasses on their face. Visit the caring professionals at Spencerport Optical for all your eye care needs. Call today at (585) 352-1960 or visit them online for more information.

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