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Bed bugs are widely considered the most difficult vermin infestation to remove, and therefore one of the most dangerous. Many exterminators can control their population, but complete bed bug removal requires specialized techniques and years of experience to ensure that this plague of the modern city doesn’t return. Fortunately for New York City residents, PESTerminating Systems has 35 years of experience helping homeowners and institutional customers alike get rid of bed bugs for good.

Every extermination technician employed by this fully licensed and ensured extermination company is highly trained in the industry’s leading bed bug treatment techniques, attacking the pests at the source. By giving extra attention to typical bed bug hiding spots, such as headboards, bed frames, nightstands, and sofas, they will kill adults and their eggs, removing every trace of the dangerous infestation.

Every service they provide is backed with a one-year satisfaction guarantee, along with a detailed inspection of your property, so they can provide the best treatment option for your home, office, store, or any other place suffering from a pest invasion. These professionals also use natural, plant-derived chemicals, so their treatment is safe for any environment.

If you’ve found bed bugs or, even worse, have woken up with bed bug bites, don’t hesitate. Visit PESTerminating Systems online or call (718) 746-0002 (Queens) or (212) 473-2002 (Manhattan) for prompt, same-day service.

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