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Small World Connect, Educational Services, Family and Kids, New York, New York

At Small World Connect, children learn to love communication. The learning center’s innovative enrichment programs, which include French lessons, Spanish lessons, and music classes for kids, encourage all Small World students to embrace self-expression.

Through “exchanges of ideas” in several languages, exciting song and dance workshops, and overall creative approaches to learning, Small World helps students communicate in myriad ways. As they begin to grow more confident with their new skills, they find new and exciting ways to express themselves, whether in a language different than their own or by original songs and movements.

Opening students’ minds and unlocking their passion for unique skills will help them discover creative talents from a vital early age, but Small World Connect is far from limited to early childhood education! Pre-teens, teenagers, and adults are all welcome to attend similar enrichment programs designed for older and more mature learners.

Small World Connect offers activities for kids, but later-in-life learning programs for those interested in studying the arts or learning a language for the very first time. Find out more about their many programs, including their work with the award-winning Professor Toto, by visiting Small World Connect online. To speak with someone at the learning center directly, call (516) 627-3424 today.

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