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Keller Williams Realty-Brad Touchette

Keller Williams Realty-Brad Touchette

621 North Ave NE, Ste C50
Atlanta, GA 30308
(404) 863-1804
Keller Williams Realty-Brad Touchette , Real Estate Agents, Real Estate, Atlanta, Georgia

When you’re looking for a new home, you want a professional to guide you through the process. A realtor, who not only has the knowledge and skills to facilitate the buying and selling of homes, but has experience in the field of home building, is going to provide you with first-rate customer service and honest opinions on the homes you view. At Keller Williams Realty-Brad Touchette in Atlanta, GA, the trusted agent Brad Touchette meets these qualifications and will use them to make your home buying or selling process run smoothly.

With Brad, you aren’t just working with a realtor looking to sell a house--he wants to place you in a home you’ll never want to leave. He only works with the most luxurious houses on the market and will find you your dream home from his exclusive collection of listings. Not only is he an expert at finding the perfect home for you, he’s also knowledgeable about selling plots of land for developers. If you’re looking for a prime real estate location for your office, Brad is the right choice to guide you to the best piece of property for your needs.

Are you looking to sell your home? From preparing your home for the market to helping you close the deal, this realtor will work tirelessly to sell your home at or above market value. A detailed real estate listing will be featured prominently on their highly visible website, eliciting quick inquiries from potential buyers. All you’ll be responsible for is signing a few documents to transfer ownership of the property, a painless and exciting process.

Whether you’re in need of a new home, selling your old home, or looking to develop unused land, the office of Keller Williams Realty-Brad Touchette will be there to help you through the entire process. Visit them online for listings or call today at (404) 863-1804.

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