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Tots' Landing Learning Centers, Inc. , Child Care, Family and Kids, Lexington, Kentucky

Family owned and operated for 20 years, Tots’ Landing Learning Centers, Inc. provides premier childcare programs for the Lexington area. Missy and Rob Kruger, owners and parents of three, understand the need for children to strengthen their learning at an impressionable age. In four convenient locations, their licensed learning center is your child’s home-away-from-home, providing infant and toddler care, pre-school learning and after-school care.

As a learning center, meeting the evolving skills of your child is the goal in each classroom. Their trained instructors understand and encourage each child’s unique style of learning through their hands-on method of teaching. As each child learns various motor and spatial skills at different stages of development, the management and instructors at Tots’ Landing Learning Centers, Inc. creates a curriculum catered towards the abilities of toddler learning.

Theme-based curriculums like Friends and Manners, Pond Life, Circus Fun, and Dinosaurs allow for a fun and exciting way for your child to learn. Daily lesson plans in reading, math, art, language, science, and cooking allow for structured learning while setting a solid learning foundation for your child’s cognitive, social, emotional, and pre-academic future. Parents are also encouraged to attend “Special Days”, which gives students the opportunity to showcase their work.

With parents’ convenience in mind, discounts are also offered for enrolling multiple children. Tots’ Landing Learning Centers, Inc. is open Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Call (859) 340-1596 or visit their website to find the nearest location.

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