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Anything Goes Clothing Consignment Shop

Anything Goes Clothing Consignment Shop

136 Fairport Village Landing
Fairport, NY 14450
(585) 223-3737
Anything Goes Clothing Consignment Shop, Consignment Service, Services, Fairport, New York

Are you looking for affordable designer clothes? Search no further than the family-owned and operated Anything Goes Clothing Consignment Shop. For more than 30 years, their clothing store has continued to offer individuals across Fairport, NY, quality clothing at a low cost. Their staff is dedicated to helping you find the perfect item to fit your occasion.

Anything Goes Clothing Consignment Shop only selects the best clothing items to hang on their racks, which is why you can trust you’re going to find a hidden treasure on every visit. Their large inventory includes stylish tops, pants and jackets. With fresh designer labels flowing in day after day, you’re sure to see something new that fits your style and taste.

From classy shoes and necklaces to stunning earrings and boots, take your outfit to the next level with their tasteful accessories. Save money by browsing through their handbags that feature top brands such as Coach, Kate Spade, and Michael Kors instead of purchasing them new from retail stores. They also have prom dresses, fur coats, and evening wear perfect for your special events.

Their dedicated staff is eager to help you pick out the right items for your closet. They will listen to your current wardrobe needs to better assist you during your shopping trip. Additionally, if you have lightly worn clothing items, schedule an appointment with one of their team members to bring in your clothing.

Discover the cost-effective designer clothing options at Anything Goes Clothing Consignment Shop. Call them today at (585) 223-3737 or visit them online.

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