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For over 30 years, Solar Tint has been the Cincinnati area’s leading dealer of high quality window films that enhance and improve the performance of glass in a wide variety of applications. Their auto, residential and commercial window tinting solutions reduce glare, improve energy efficiency, and increase the security and safety of your windows. With the help of their highly trained, expert installation professionals, you can be confident of receiving the best material to meet your needs.

As the region’s only dealer and applicator of special 3M™ window film, no other company offers Solar Tint’s high quality and industry-leading expertise. Make your employees more comfortable with glare-reduction films that reduce eyestrain while working on computers and reduce temperature fluctuations inside. Their window films will also lower the energy bills in your home or commercial building, as well as create a more attractive exterior by making equipment, empty offices and other features less visible.

Solar Tint uses the best application techniques in the industry, ensuring that manufacturers’ guarantees remain in force and that your window films remain effective for years to come. Visit Solar Tint online to view their full range of window treatment options, from restaurants to automobiles, or call (888) 616-1488 now for a no-obligation quote.

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