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We have all seen it before, an electric sign that only has a few letters lit up or a letter missing where it needs to be. Not only does this lower recognizability of your business, it makes your business less appealing. At Hightech Signs in Texarkana, TX, we work quickly to repair, fabricate and install signs that stand out among the rest.  In addition to our home state of Texas, we provide quality electric sign services to commercial, industrial and institutional clients in the states of Arkansas, Louisiana and Oklahoma.

For over 26 years, our technicians have been perfecting the art of sign installation and fabrication. As fully licensed electrical sign contractors, we handle all projects professionally and carefully. We have worked with churches and schools, commercial offices and fast food industries in addition to banks and hospitals. Our skill with a variety of industries allows us to knowledgeably recommend the type of sign for your business that will match perfectly with the message you are trying to convey. A few of the types of signs available include:

  • Monument signs
  • Architectural signs
  • Electronic Message Centers
  • Digital graphics and banners

When the time comes to service or install an electric sign, we are equipped with all the correct tools to handle the job. Our fleet of trucks can reach heights up to 85 feet to place your sign exactly where it needs to be. We also carefully remove signs when necessary to replace or service them.

Contact Hightech Signs today to schedule an installation or repair to your signs. Call (903) 838-8999 to learn more about the different options or visit the website for more information.

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