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Gates Pharmacy

Gates Pharmacy

125 E Broad St, # 109
Elyria, OH 44035
(440) 329-7300
Gates Pharmacy, Pharmacies, Health and Beauty, Elyria, Ohio

When it comes to your medication, you deserve a reliable pharmacy that truly values all sides of your health. Fortunately, when residents of Elyria, OH, need reliable services they can trust, they turn to Gates Pharmacy. For more than 29 years, the friendly and knowledgeable staff at this local pharmacy have provided the surrounding area with compassionate services and a much-needed source of medications.

The pharmacists at Gates Pharmacy are fully committed to your health and satisfaction. When you stop in to pick up your refill prescription, their professional staff will ensure you are fully educated and have all the information you need to about your medications before leaving. Their technicians strive to be knowledgeable about all of the products they carry, and they are also available to answer any questions you may have about the over-the-counter medications in their store and their potential reactions with prescriptions they carry.

At Gates Pharmacy, you can enjoy a broad range of services. In addition to providing prescription medications, over-the-counter drugs and medical supplies, you can also stop into the pharmacy for various everyday items such as vitamins and minerals, greeting cards and other hard to find items.

When you need a local pharmacy that provides the care you deserve and the prompt service you require, trust Gates Pharmacy to assure you have everything you need to live a happy and healthy life. If you have questions for the pharmacist, call (440) 329-7300 today. For more detailed information, visit them online.

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