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With an ever-changing inventory of freshwater fish, saltwater fish and coral, plus fish tanks, aquarium plants, tank supplies and more, Gerber’s Tropical Fish of Dayton, OH is an aquarium enthusiast’s dream. Whether you want to shop for your fish tank, get assistance with tank maintenance from an expert or just explore, this is the place to go!

The variety of fish and coral at Gerber’s Tropical Fish is stunning. Nearly 600 tanks hold Ohio’s largest selection of saltwater and freshwater fish, from enchanting, colorful betta fish to bizarrely beautiful stingrays and so much more. They also have at least 500 corals in stock every day. New creatures arrive each week, so there’s almost always something new to discover. If somehow you don’t find what you’re looking for, Gerber’s Tropical Fish will special order it for you.

The Gerber’s Tropical Fish staff is extremely knowledgeable about marine life, aquariums and tank maintenance—in fact, they’ve got more than 100 years of combined experience! Not only can they answer any aquarium question you may have, but they also offer a number of tank maintenance services for your convenience. If you’re concerned about the water in your tank, bring in a sample to have it tested for free. Gerber’s Tropical Fish will also set up your new tank and provide tank maintenance at a competitive rate of $60 per hour.

Gerber’s Tropical Fish caters to everyone with an interest in marine life, from aquarium novices to experienced hobbyists. Visit Gerber’s Tropical Fish in person or online to get started creating the aquarium of your dreams!

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