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If you’re thinking about purchasing a floral arrangement for a loved one, it’s important to find a professional florist that goes above and beyond to ensure your flowers wow the person who receives them. At Colonial Gardens in Fairfield, CT, they have worked to exceed the expectations of their customers for over 30 years with beautifully arranged house, tropical and indoor plants.

Locally owned and operated, these florists are dedicated to providing local residents with the finest arrangements in the region. Whether you need a small floral arrangement to brighten up your home or you are looking to order lavish bouquets for a special occasion, their craftsmanship will leave you in awe. From birthdays, weddings and graduations to anniversaries, proms and funerals, the professionals at Colonial Gardens can create an arrangement of any style for any occasion.

In addition to their beautiful floral arrangements, they also carry a wide variety of planters and garden supplies. From mulch and soil to urns and bubbling fountains, they carry everything you need to make your outdoor garden really flourish.

If you’re looking for a flower arrangement for a friend or garden supplies for your home, Colonial Gardens has an affordable selection that can’t be matched. Whether you order online, in store, or have them delivered, their arrangements are sure to keep people talking.

To speak to a friendly florist today, call (203) 259-2722. For more detailed services including inventory and pricing, visit them online.

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