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Welcome to Jack’s Used Auto Parts. We have parts for all types of cars and trucks from 1965 to 2005 both foreign & domestic automobiles.

Jack's Used Auto Parts

4500 Kellogg Ave
Cincinnati, OH 45226
(513) 321-7775
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Buying new auto parts can be expensive, whether you’re replacing wheels or an entire engine. At Jack’s Used Auto Parts in Cincinnati, OH, you will find used car parts that are just as functional as new parts with the added benefit of not being nearly as expensive. With cars from the 60s, 2000s and everything in between, you’ll find just what you need at their 528,000 square-foot facility.

In business since 1964, the salvage yard has between 3,000 and 5,000 used cars and trucks in stock at any given time, so you’re sure to find a radiator or transmission that matches your make and model. Every part of a car or truck—from door handles and armrests to power steering pumps and engine cradles—can be found at their site. Jack’s Used Auto Parts eliminates the labor cost with you pulling the parts yourself.

Do you have a car you can’t afford to put money into repairing any longer? Sell your used car, truck or trailer to Jack’s Used Auto Parts. They’ll thoroughly evaluate your vehicle to ensure you receive the best value for it.

Whether the door on your truck has come off its hinges, you’ve blown a head gasket or your blower motor doesn’t work, the professionals at Jack’s Used Auto Parts will help you find what you need from stock to aftermarket car parts. Call them today at (513) 321-7775 or visit them online for a complete parts and pricing list.

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