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Balanced Green Superfoods LLC

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Balanced Green Superfoods LLC, Nutrition, Health and Beauty, Pleasant Hill, Oregon

When your bodily fluids, digestive system and tissues are pushed out of a normal pH balance, your health can be put at risk. One beneficial way to keep a constant pH balance is to eat and drink products that boost your body’s mineral reserve. Balanced Green Superfoods LLC in Pleasant Hill, OR, offers customers a variety of healthy protein options designed to raise the mineral reserves in your body.

Based on a 25-year-old formula, Balanced Green Superfoods provides individuals with an opportunity to improve their health. The custom formula is made up of a unique blend of raw organic, non-GMO, soy and dairy free ingredients. Individuals with gluten allergies can also consume their superfoods.

You and your family can select from a variety of products such as bulk powders, plant-based protein supplements and protein shakes. Their protein blends come in an array of flavors, including chocolate and vanilla. Additionally, all of their products are competitively priced. Their number one priority is providing you and your family with the nutrients and products you need to live healthy lifestyles.

Their team is dedicated to providing superior customer service for every client. They pride themselves on producing a product that helps individuals avoid long-term damaging effects or prescription drugs. Individuals and wholesalers alike can rely on their user-friendly online ordering process.

Achieve a healthier lifestyle by trying the power packed protein products from the folks at Balanced Green Superfoods. Call them today at (541) 600-6731 or visit them online for a full list of their health food options.

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