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If you often feel overwhelmed or are transitioning into a new phase in life and are finding it difficult to cope, you are not alone. Stress, anxiety, depression, and coping with change or loss are among the most frequent reasons individuals seek the help of a psychologist.

That first step of reaching out for help may come from the encouragement of a family physician, or with the support of a friend or family member who has found it helpful to talk with someone confidentially in a safe and secure environment.

Perhaps you are the first person in your network to recognize that the help of a trained professional might be beneficial to your efforts to cope, to change, or to meet your goals.

If you have not sought help previously, here are some frequently encountered questions:

--How is psychotherapy different than talking with a friend?

A psychologist is a trained professional who is focused on your concerns and on assisting you in mobilizing your inner resources for positive change.

--Can psychotherapy help with painful symptoms like panic attacks?

Yes. There are specific skills for panic interruption and anxiety management that are research-proven and easy to learn. The more you practice skills, the more adept you will become at managing anxiety and other emotions.

--Is psychotherapy expensive?

No. LakeView Psychological Services is in network to several major insurance plans. Many people who come to therapy are only responsible for a copay, just as with a visit to a doctor’s office. Some plans have deductibles; contact Customer Service at the number on the back of your insurance card for that information. For individuals who do not have insurance coverage and have resource limitations, there are some nonprofit agencies locally that provide services on a sliding fee scale.

--Do psychologists work with all ages of clients?

There are professionals who focus on certain age groups and others who work with all ages. The focus of this practice is adults who are experiencing symptoms or problems and are motivated for change.

--How do I schedule an appointment?

The website is and the phone number is (704-) 896-6068.