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Tariffville Auto Sales & Repairs

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Tariffville Auto Sales & Repairs, Auto Repair, Services, Tariffville, Connecticut

It doesn’t matter if you own the newest model BMW or a 1967 Pinto—your car is going to need to be serviced at some point. While most dealers offer auto servicing, their prices can reach the thousands in parts and labor costs. At Tariffville Auto Sales & Repairs in Connecticut, their expert auto mechanics have the knowledge and skill to repair your vehicle at an affordable rate. For 20 years they’ve serviced the vehicles in their community and, with more than 25 years of experience, there isn’t an issue they can’t handle.

From engine rebuilding and exchange to auto restoration, their technicians can do it all. They handle a variety of issues, from routine maintenance to more extensive work such as head gasket and brake repair. As certified tire dealers, you can trust their team to help you find the right tire for your car or truck. Their knowledge of vehicles extends from well-known domestic and foreign makes, such as Ford, Dodge and Toyota to luxury vehicles, including Audi, Cadillac and Lexus.

Keeping your car running is one thing, but keeping your car functioning safely is an entirely different task. Their ASE-certified auto mechanics are trustworthy and committed to ensuring your car runs smoothly and safely. As a full-service shop, they also house all of the auto parts needed to get your car back up and running. If you’re a DIYer, they have a wide selection of parts for you to get your hands dirty and fix your car yourself.

Contact the best auto mechanics in the area and call Tariffville Auto Sales & Repairs today at (860) 325-5977 to request a free estimate. You can also visit them online for a complete list of vehicle brands they work on and their services offered.

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