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Transporting large equipment and goods from one place to another doesn’t have to involve stress and worry. At Gunter Shipping located out of Brooklyn, NY, they provide national and international shipping services for you, working as freight contractor that can help get your goods from one place to another whether you need your products shipped to Trinidad, Canada or the Dominican Republic.

For over 15 years, this family owned and operated international shipping company has maintained their reputation as being timely and precise with their shipping services. They are proud to take the worry out of the customers hands and put it in their own, as they are experts in the industry and know all the ins and outs of the system when it comes to all shipping and transportation need. They handle all the paperwork needed and will make sure that your cargo is properly wrapped and packed before leaving.

Every ship that transports your items is thoroughly inspected before leaving harbor and given a security check before taking off into the water. This way you know that your items will be preserved throughout the journey to their destination. Once your items have arrived at their destination, they also handle all the storage details for you, so you don’t have to stress over whether or not the equipment will be kept secure. Their warehouses are equipped with 24-hour security, and your items will be monitored at all times for complete protection.

Let the international shipping freight company Gunter Shipping move your items securely and promptly. Contact them today by calling (347) 789-8158 or visit their website for a more detailed look into their shipping services.

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