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If you’re looking for a cosmetic dentist you can that will brighten your day and smile, you should look to one with a background and reputation you can trust.The dentistry excellence shown at Rebekah W. Branscum Dentistry in Nancy, KY, is second to none in terms of customer care, cosmetic dentistry, enhancements and overall oral hygiene.

According to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, dentists in this role are the primary source for maintaining both functioning and aesthetically appealing dental work. Cosmetic dentistry ranges from dental implants, which replace the roots of lost teeth in the form of an implant with a crown that helps maintain bone support and adjacent teeth, to dentures, veneers or custom-made shells that cover your existing teeth to improve their appearance. These services, and a host of others, are at your disposal when you visit her office.

Along with cosmetic dentistry, she also provides general dentistry services, including teeth cleaning, fillings and dental crowns and bridges. As a licensed dentist with a medical degree, she can offer her expert opinion on what it is you need, even if your procedures are not performed by her.

For more information on how your smile can be enhanced by a professional, contact the office of Rebekah W. Branscum Dentistry. You can reach her at (606) 636-4311 or on her Facebook page.

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