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M & C Tire Inc.

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M & C Tire Inc., Tires, Services, Kalispell, Montana

When it’s the time of year that you need new tires that are capable of handling the onslaught of snow and ice that winter weather will bring your way, take your vehicle to M&C Tire in Kalispell, MT. Whether you’re in need of tires for passenger, commercial, ATV or industrial vehicles, their large selection of name brand products offers efficient, dependable tires at prices unmatched by their local competitors.

Their tire services extend beyond purchasing tires, as they perform free tire repairs, rotations, rebalancing and inspections. Having an affiliation with over 30,000 tire service centers allows them to meet all of your tire needs, if it’s not in stock at their location, they’ll get it. New tires can’t fix bad wheels or rims, M&C also has custom wheels and rims available and will provide you with superior installation.

If you find yourself needing more than a set of new tires, their expert technicians are here to perform a plethora of automotive repairs. Their services include oil changes, brake repairs, wheel alignments, battery checks and installations. With so many services offered, they’ll never let your car hit the road in bad shape. If you can’t provide payment upfront, they also offer financing programs with Goodyear, Car Care One and Snap.

Having serviced the Kalispell community for over 40 years, they know how important it is to keep your car in drivable condition, so bring your vehicle into M&C Tire today! Call them at (406) 752-9662 or visit them online.

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