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Having a plumber who fully understands the issues you’re experiencing and can determine an effective solution is essential to maintaining a clean and functional home or business. That’s why the professionals at Bohannon’s Plumbing & General Repairs in Thomasville, NC, are your best choice for plumbing repairs and services. With over 30 years of experience, they proudly provide top-notch service for the residents of Davidson County.

The family owned and operated company offers round-the-clock availability with their 24/7 emergency services and provides senior citizen and military discounts. Their services range from general plumbing services and repairs, such as unclogging drains and fixing leaking faucets, to more difficult tasks like waterline replacement, water heater repairs, and bathroom remodeling. Regardless of the job, their plumbers will handle it with skill and precision.

Find out how the best plumbers in Davidson County can service your home. Call Bohannon’s Plumbing & General Repairs today at (336) 561-9444.

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