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If you’re one of the millions of Americans who suffer from debilitating neck pain and backaches, daily activities can become quite a challenge. At ChiropracticWorks in Collinsville, IL, their expert chiropractor, Dr. Kris McClusky, and his staff use their professional chiropractic methods and treatments to help alleviate pain experienced by his patients so they feel great every day.

Taking a whole person approach to the chiropractic care he provides, Dr. McClusky looks beyond your symptoms to uncover the root cause of discomfort within the muscles and joints. At ChiropracticWorks, they understand that neck and spinal pain doesn’t develop overnight and rather is a result of various lifestyle choices made over the years.

Rather than treat the surface pain with adjustment after adjustment, his office works to educate their patients on lifestyle changes that will keep them feeling great long after an adjustment has been made. If you’re looking for changes that will improve your overall quality of life and relieve back pain and stress, get more than just an adjustment and trust the many whole-body wellness services offered at ChiropracticWorks. Services they provide include:

  • General chiropractic care
  • Weight loss challenges
  • Massage therapy services
  • Spinal subluxation treatments

Stop suffering from debilitating neck and back pain and get the care you deserve and need to start feeling like yourself again. To schedule a chiropractic adjustment or whole-body wellness consultation, call ChiropracticWorks at (314) 368-5220 today. For more detailed information, including blogs, podcasts, and health reports expressing the need for chiropractic care and proper nutrition, visit them online.