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When visiting the beautiful beaches of Hawaii, surfing, snorkeling and kayaking reign supreme with sport enthusiasts. Twogood Kayaks Hawaii, in Kailua, will provide for all your rental needs when you want to get out on the turquoise waters of the ocean for some aquatic fun. For over 35 years, they’ve served the residents of the Big Island with the best in paddle sports, including kayaks.

Whether you’re a world champion medalist or a beginner, they’ll equip you with the best in equipment for your kayaking needs. Their expert guides will take you on affordable tours of the islands in reef-protected waters, safe for children and adults. Along the way, you may even see the rare Hawaiian green sea turtle or a dolphin.

If guided tours aren’t your thing, you can go on an unguided adventure for a more personal experience. After a short safety briefing, you’ll be able to experience the waters as nature intended, coasting along with the likes of endangered sea birds and sea turtles. If you really want to have an experience with the sea turtles, snorkeling is another great option for you. Their Sea Turtle Safari includes round-trip transportation, snorkeling gear and a picnic lunch, all centered on your interactions with the endangered turtle. Bodyboarding is also available, a great alternative for kids.

If you’re ready to hit the beautiful waters in a kayak, go snorkeling or want to enjoy a family-friendly vacation, contact Twogood Kayaks Hawaii Inc today at (808) 262-5656. You can also get detailed looks at their tours and excursions or sign up for one online.

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