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Muench Company, Inc., Lawn & Garden Equipment, Shopping, Stamford, Connecticut

When running a landscaping business, quality and dependable supplies are needed to establish and maintain a satisfied customer base. Without supplies, the company wouldn’t run. At Muench Company, Inc. in Stamford, CT, they understand the importance of providing excellent landscaping supplies and are at the disposal of business owners when they are searching for reliable equipment for their business.

For over 85 years, they have served those in Fairfield and New Haven counties. Built on a reputation for low prices and high-quality work, their staff handcrafts their pieces to perfection and exact specifications. They provide timely services and respond to requests within 24 hours.

Their inventory includes a variety of landscaping supplies that will aid you and your team when working on any project. From tree pruning equipment such as extension poles and hand saw loppers to power equipment, including grinders and log splitters, business owners know that with this company, they are receiving everything they need for their landscapers to handle the job with precision.

With their experience in the industry, they provide the parts and landscaping supplies you need to repair your equipment. Whether your log splitters have stopped running or a spray gun has stopped working correctly, they will help you find the right parts so you can get your equipment fixed right the first time.

For a business that is dedicated to your success, contact Muench Company. Call them today at (203) 323-9712 or visit their website for more information.

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