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If you are a hunter, you know that accidents can happen when transitioning from treestand to ladder. At Hurricane Safety Systems, LLC in Traverse City, MI, they have dedicated themselves to providing more security for entry and exit from ground to hunting platform with their hunting safety equipment.

The passion of the two owners, Terence Goodell and Timothy Squires, for hunting safety first started when a friend took a fall from a tree and suffered major injuries. Since that moment, they have dedicated themselves to giving hunters reliable safety equipment that is durable and strong. With Timothy’s background in sheet metal and Terence’s experience in the business industry, they can create innovative products that keep hunters secure when out on the hunt.

From their treestand PowerStep developed for superior balance and stability to the 16-foot Gravity Forward climbing sticks that create an angle to allow a more balanced and free climb, hunters will be fully secure when climbing into their deer stand. The universal power straps available for purchase can carry up to 900 pounds and can be used as an additional security measure when needed.

The safety of your hunting expedition is in your hands with the safety equipment provided by Hurricane Safety Systems. Contact them today by calling (231) 935-4049 or visit their website for more information on how their products enhance your safety when out in the wild.

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