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Have recent weather trends ruined your lawn? Or maybe your lawn is too difficult to maintain due to the soil? When you’re looking for remedies to keep your lawn looking pristine, look for Arkansas Sod & Turf Farm in North Little Rock. This family owned and operated business has served the state for nearly 40 years. With several sod installation options, including centipede and Bermuda, their professionals will restore the look of your lawn with the perfect sod choice.

Sod is grass that has already been grown and is then laid down on top of soil so it can take root and continue to grow. Arkansas Sod & Turf offers several types of grass for installation dependent on the season, including:

  • Centipede - A low-maintenance, all-purpose and slow-growing grass. It has decent shade and good drought tolerance. Centipede grass maintenance is low compared to other grasses.
  • Bermudagrass - A warm-season grass, great for golf course fairways, sports complexes and plain old home lawns.
  • St. Augustine - This grass has good shade tolerance but does not remain green during drought conditions without additional watering.
  • Zoysia - Performs well in the hot, humid environment and in sandy or clay soil. It has good cold and shade tolerance while requiring less maintenance than bermudagrass.

Available in slabs, mini-rolls or big rolls, Arkansas Sod & Turf Farm offers competitive pricing for their products.

Whether you’re a golf course looking to get your greens back in order for the upcoming season or don’t feel like waiting for planted seeds to sprout, call Arkansas Sod & Turf Farm today at (501) 753-5377 to find out about their delivery service. You can also visit them online for more information on their sodding services.

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