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Law Office of Susan H. Carse

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Law Office of Susan H. Carse, Family Law, Services, Anchorage, Alaska

The law firm of Susan H. Carse, located in Anchorage, Alaska, provides sound legal advice and exceptional representation to clients dealing with the law. Boasting a wide range of practice areas, attorney at law, Susan H. Carse, is a well-known and reputable personal injury attorney, criminal defense attorney and family law practitioner with over 32 years of experience practicing under the Alaska State Bar. When you need excellence in representation, this firm will be there to stand by you.

Wanting to receive a fair and just outcome for your case or legal issue is just the beginning. When you need to find out what your options are, an experienced legal representative is the only person you can trust. Navigating the law is complicated and there are many things that people may say or do that have legal significance that they are unaware of, which is why representing yourself is not advisable. Instead, trust the legal team at Susan H. Carse to put your best case forward. They will provide you with the best legal advice and advocate for your situation so that you can get the fair and just outcome you deserve.

The firm of Susan H. Carse is dedicated to their client’s welfare and considers it an important part of their job to understand how overwhelming it can be to face a personal injury, DUI, criminal charge or family law issue alone. To ease this sense of burden, they will help you navigate your options, discuss legal cures for your situation and will take on your case with the objective to have your situation resolved as soon as possible.

Proving that legal representation is both about justice and understanding, the firm of Susan H. Carse has a track record of securing positive verdicts for their clients and will strive for your best outcome each step of the way. To call their firm about a legal issue you are facing, dial (907) 222-3705 or visit the firm online for more information.