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Smith Farms Drainage, Drainage Contractors, Services, Elmore, Minnesota

An important part of agriculture is ensuring proper drainage for your farmland and crops. The professional drainage contractors at Smith Farms Drainage in Elmore, MN, have been saving farmers and farmlands from heavy downpours for over 34 years. Their agricultural services range from earth removal and drainage pipe installation to main installation and custom water management.

This family-owned and operated business uses the best technology when laying the groundwork for your draining system. By using state-of-the-art topographic survey systems and GPS RTK technology, which enhances the precision of the positioning system, they can pinpoint the prime locations for your drain tile installation. Once your tile drain is installed, any excess water from soil below the surface will be removed, so your crops won’t be flooded, making their agricultural services a necessity, not a luxury.

When you need earth removed for a building, demolition or site prep project, their excavation contractors will get the job done. They have a fleet of excavating and trenching machinery to move earth and rock for projects where shovels and hoes won’t cut it.

For more information on their agricultural services and excavating, contact Smith Farms Solutions today at (507) 943-3299. Also visit them online.