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Texas Cell Institute, Pain Management, Services, Frisco, Texas

When you live your life with chronic pain, turning to over-the-counter medications like acetaminophen or nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs is the first thing you think of to help. Unfortunately, over medicating can lead to more health issues, such as dependence and liver damage. A natural approach to pain management may be a better option. At the Texas Cell Institute in Frisco, TX, their specialists use your own regenerative cells to treat joint pain and reverse systemic diseases.

Their doctors offer non-narcotic, non-surgical approaches to help treat musculoskeletal injuries by using techniques like stem cell therapy, which takes stem cell-latent tissue from your own body and deposits them to an area of injury. Your body then uses its own healing capabilities for treatment. Bone Marrow Concentrate Therapy is another method used to cultivate stem cells from your own body. The cells are taken from your bone marrow, it undergoes a purification process that produces a healing agent. Treatments take place in a fully accredited medical center and your stem cells are processed in an FDA approved laboratory.

Platelet Rich Plasma therapy is another option if you suffer from chronic pain. This form of therapy requires platelets, the cells responsible for causing your blood to clot when you get cut, to be injected to the damaged tissue to cultivate healing and regeneration. These treatments serve as long-term solutions instead of temporary pain relief. Chronic pain can exist in any part of the body and this procedure has helped patients with everything from arthritis and tendonitis to Fibromyalgia.

For more information on regenerative medicine, contact the Texas Cell Institute today at (972) 668-9612. You can also visit them online and visit their Facebook to read patient testimonials.

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