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Dodds Monuments, Headstones & Grave Markers, Family and Kids, Middletown, Ohio

Dodds Monuments was established in 1864, when Abraham Lincoln was president. George Dodds started Dodds Monuments in downtown Xenia, Ohio. In the past 150 years many things have changed while some have remained the same. Dodds Monuments Commitment To Our Families satisfaction has never waivered. Dodds prides itself for our Courteous Memorial Counselors and what we consider is America‚Äôs Finest Warranty. Dodds is the only memorial company in the Greater Dayton area with a Complete Engraving Facility. In our engraving shop, Dodds uses only Double Process engraving on all of our light and medium color granites. Dodds Monuments is recognized nationally for specializing in the Personalization of Memorials. Families who honor Dodds Monuments with the placement of their memorials are assured full satisfaction with Dodds Money Back Guarantee.

It is easy to understand that Dodds Monuments has become one of the most respected memorial companies in the state of Ohio and among the largest memorial companies in the United States.