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The more urgent a financial emergency is, the less time you usually have to gather the funds together to deal with it. Unlike other lenders, Moore Pawn & Furniture can offer you fast access to the funds you need without a long application process or red tape. Simply bring your valuables in to be evaluated by one of their expert pawnbrokers, who will offer you a loan against their value.

As one of the highest-quality pawn shops in Lincoln, NE, Moore Pawn & Furniture has a reputation for honesty and integrity. They will consider any item of value, including electronics, fine furniture, and gold, silver, and diamonds. Depending on their value, they will offer you an immediate cash loan of up to $50,000.

You can also browse the huge range of items for sale in their shop, containing everything from musical instruments to personal computers and professional-quality tools, not to mention the extensive collection of home furnishings available in their furniture showroom.

Moore Pawn & Furniture also provides payday loans and cash for gold, offering the best prices for broken or unused gold jewelry in town. Browse their inventory or get in touch on their website, or call (402) 477-5116 with any questions.

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5 Frequently Asked Questions About Pawnshops, Lincoln, Nebraska
When you’re strapped for cash, head to a pawnshop where you can exchange items of value for a short-term loan. Before you exchange your valuables for cash, here’s what you should more
Pawn shops have evolved over the years from a business that allowed consumers to pawn personal items for small cash advances to unique locations where you can find distinct and more
Electronics like laptops, smartphones, and gaming consoles are an integral part of many households now, but just because they’re popular doesn’t mean everyone knows how to care for more
Whether you’re looking to show it off or sell it, jewelry looks considerably better when it’s clean. With age and wear, your gold and silver accessories accumulate dirt and their more
Moving into an apartment for the first time is a major milestone. Part of being self-sustaining is being able to prepare meals for yourself. Rather than buying cooking appliances more
Shoppers and salesman alike will often say "bigger is better" when it comes to electronics, but this may not be the case for your living situation. Maybe you want an immersive more
Learning how to play a musical instrument has a variety of cognitive and emotional benefits. Parents may hesitate to encourage the hobby, knowing how expensive musical more
If you need cash quickly, visit a quality pawn shop nearby. Pawnbrokers will pay top dollar for your valuables. You can also buy electronics, furniture, jewelry, and other more
You don’t realize just how much you own until it’s time to move. All the belongings you tucked safely away in the attic, basement, or closets for another day are suddenly more
With spring here, families have a tendency to begin deep cleaning and decluttering their house. Others take the process one step further and look to update furniture pieces or more
Expecting a tax refund in the coming month? You may be interested in treating yourself to some new furniture, jewelry, or electronics. If any of those items are a bit above the more
Make your special someone feel extra wonderful this Valentine’s Day with gorgeous jewelry from Moore’s Pawn & Furniture. The quality pawn shop in Lincoln, NE, features a more
Whether you need a fast solution to financial troubles or want to purchase quality new and used products at a discount, a pawn shop is your best bet. When it comes to stores in more
Wearing jewelry can make them feel powerful and confident. Donning sparkling diamonds, beautiful silver and shiny gold draws attention to the wearer and adds some more
Other retailers might offer great deals on Black Friday, but Moore Pawn & Furniture keeps the sale open all month long. Until December 1st, Lincoln, NE’s favorite quality pawn more
Not only is Moore Pawn and Furniture offering savings during our pre Black Friday sale we are now offering financing for you as well.  If you find yourself liking something we more
Whether you need a new television, are planning to update your laptop, or are looking for some DVDs for movie night, head to Moore Pawn & Furniture today. The quality pawn shop more
Help! We are overstocked on TV’s.  Our showroom has no more room and we still have more to come out.  Our problem equals your benefit.  We have the TV’s on sale for more
If there's one guarantee in life, it’s the occurrence of the unexpected. Major unforeseen situations can often result in the need for fast cash, but subpar credit scores more
Together with a 3 tier glass and metal TV  stand this utra 4k tv is a big bargain.  We have a package price of $650 on this tv.  That allows you to get home to view more
People buy items that are used all the time, from cars to clothing to furniture. But have you ever thought about doing the same with jewelry? Purchasing something pre-owned offers a more
If you are in the market for musical equipment, you may face the choice of buying a brand-new instrument or opting for a used one. Used musical instruments come with an array more
The more urgent a financial emergency is, the less time you usually have to gather the funds together to deal with it. Unlike other lenders, Moore Pawn & Furniture can offer you more
This four piece sectional in a mint color and is outfitted with a power recliner on one end and chaise lounge on the other.  You can get comfy on this couch no matter what is more
When you need cash, pawnbrokers can offer an easy and reliable way to secure a loan in no time. However, pawn shops offer more than just cash loans. You can also sell your item for more
When you want to buy furnishings for your home, you’ll need to decide between new and used furniture. The staff at Moore Pawn & Furniture recommends visiting their quality pawn more
Quality pawn shops are not as uncommon as television and film depictions would have viewers believe. While movies and TV shows may paint pawnbrokers and customers as shady more
When you need money fast, going to the bank and taking out a personal loan is not always the best option. After all, factors like a good credit score and having money in the bank more
Ready to make some fast cash? A quality pawn shop is an excellent place to do so. It’s a destination where you can sell excess jewelry, electronics, and other items more
Pawning a firearm is different from taking in your unwanted jewelry or old electronics. There’s a process to it, and you should understand it to ensure you have a smooth more
Selling your used electronics, jewelry, and other old belongings at a garage sale is a convenient way to downsize your space. However, it’s not always the most effective method of more
One of the best ways to earn cash quickly is selling your jewelry to a quality pawn shop. They offer cash for gold, diamond, silver, and precious metals so you can earn extra more
Playing a musical instrument is fun and fulfilling because there’s always something new to learn. Whether you’re a longtime musician or want to pick up a new hobby, you might be more
With the coming of spring, many homeowners decide it’s time to clean out their garage or closets. But what are you going to do with all those unwanted items that have been taking up more
Whether you’re on the hunt for jewelry, electronics, or other wares, a quality pawn shop is an excellent resource for unique goods at bargain prices. But did you know more
Whether you need a payday advance or just want some extra cash, pawning items is an excellent way to do so. However, some customers worry this isn’t as safe an option as borrowing more
Looking for a Deal.  STOP ON BY Moore’s Pawn Shop On Sale Now at Moore’s Pawn Shop. TV’s Mark Down, Bicycles & Computers 10% off .  read more
With reality TV shows bringing pawn shops into the national spotlight, more and more people are intrigued by the prospect of selling their valuables to a pawnbroker. To ensure a more
If you’ve never wandered into a quality pawn shop, you might not be aware of the wide offering of name-brand products they carry. Whether you’re looking for musical more
Many people know a pawn shop is an excellent place to find electronics and jewelry at low prices. However, you can also sell your own items for fast cash. A pawnbroker more
If you need cash in a hurry, a pawnbroker is the best place to get it. By pawning belongings you don’t need, you can access a range of benefits that aren’t available with other more
It’s no secret home DIY projects require the right tools for the task at hand. But which will be the most useful as you’re making renovations? In Lincoln, NE, Moore Pawn & more
TV’s all major brands 19in to 60in on sale 10% from October through December 1.  Come stop by and see what we have. Increase your TV size this winter. Great shows are coming more
Jewelry on sale beginning December 1st through the whole month of December.   Come join us and shop for a great Christmas gift for your loved one. This more
Great Sale “ONE DAY ONLY” at Moore Pawn & Furniture.  20% all day long for BLACK FRIDAY.  Make sure you stop by we will have all major brands of TV’s, jewelry and more
Whether you’re buying jewelry for yourself or a loved one, it’s always a nice perk if you can find valuable pieces at a great price. Visiting a pawn shop is one option for more
At some point in your life, you may have to borrow money. Moore Pawn & Furniture in Lincoln, NE, knows you need someone to rely on when you’re in a bind. However, more
Congratulations! You’ve finally decided to finally clean out your bedroom, garage, or secret closet and sell valuables you no longer have a use for. In Lincoln, NE, Moore more
Quality pawn shops are excellent places to buy and sell gently used items. Whether you’re pawning musical equipment for a cash loan or looking for a deal on vintage jewelry, there more
Although modern electronics have come a long way in just a few decades, many classic video games still hold up today. If you’re looking for an old-school gaming experience, you’ll more
If you are a bargain shopper, you should know about the many great deals quality pawn shops have to offer. For instance, at Moore Pawn & Furniture in Lincoln, NE, you can find more
While it’s easy to change your clothes to keep up with new fashion, altering your home to incorporate fresh design trends involves a lot more work. Why not keep your home looking up more
While pawn shops have been portrayed negatively in the past, modern stores are clean, well-decorated, and stocked with an impressive inventory, ranging from antique jewelry to more
Are there better deals out there than what you will find at a good pawn shop?  You know I am going to say no, but why!  At Moore Pawn you will find a wide selection of more
Mother’s Day is right around the corner and if you are looking for some gift ideas, we have some suggestions.  Right now we have all of our jewelry on sale at 15% off the more
Mention that you saw our deal on social media and you recieve and additional 10% off of your already low price.  You must talk to Larry in order to get this deal read more
We are loaded with inventory and we need to move some of it out.  You will find some great deals up to 60% off on items throughout the store. Deals are available in Appliances, more
Rather than purchase name-brand equipment for sky-high prices at retail electronics stores, review the inventory at Moore Pawn & Furniture in Lincoln, NE. They make it easy more
Something sweet for the person in your life.  We are here to help you.  From now until February 14th the entire stock of jewelry is on sale at 15% off.  We have more
Presents, transportation, food, and party supplies — the costs of the holidays add up quickly! If you’re low on cash after your festivities, turn to Moore Pawn & more
There is plenty of reasons to come see us at Moore Pawn in Lincoln, NE.  We have Jewelry at 15% off of prices that are already 1/3 to ½ the cost of jewelry at your local more
Payday advances are a great way to meet school-related financial obligations without having to incur a monthly interest rate. Instead, you pay a small fee for a loan. The loan more
Pawnbrokers are common in virtually every city in America and offer a great way for you to obtain a little extra cash. You have the option of either selling your items outright or more
Consumers are buying personal electronics more than ever before. With new models always being released, there are many gadgets to choose from. If buying the latest tech device is more
As a student, decorating your college dorm or apartment usually requires you to have a keen sense of budgeting and creativity. The good news for students in the Lincoln, NE, area is more
Tables, bicycles, and TVs, oh my! There’s a great sale happening here at Moore Pawn & Furniture in Lincoln, NE. Don’t miss our lowered prices on these products during more
Yes, school is just about here again and time to thing about what you might need.  Moore Pawn would like to help you be saving you some money on a new(used) computer.  We more
If you need some extra cash fast, stop by your local pawn shop. For years, Moore Pawn & Furniture has been providing Lincoln, NE, customers with quality loans on a wide more
There are a lot of misconceptions about pawn shops and how they operate, especially in relation to other financial institutions. The expert pawnbrokers at Moore Pawn & Furniture, more
If you’re looking to save money on household goods, you can find a huge selection of new and used furniture at Moore Pawn & Furniture in Lincoln, Nebraska. Instead of more
Do you have a plan for your next surprise expense? If you don't have enough money for emergencies, you can visit your local pawnbrokers to sell items or get a payday advance. But more
Are you stressed out because of financial problems? Consider selling your items to reputable pawnbrokers that can pay cash for goods or offer a loan against the value of your items. more
It's spring cleaning season, so there's no better time to go through all those boxes in your attic and bring in your goods to Moore Pawn & Furniture in Lincoln, NE. They more
Are you bored with the same old furniture in your house, day in and day out? Don't hate your home. Get new furniture at Moore Pawn & Furniture. Residents in Lincoln, more
We Call It Pirate Day here at Moore Pawn and Furniture because that is the day we all feel the pinch of the government taxes.  It is kind of like getting all your Gold taken by more
Sometimes life throws a really expensive and unexpected problem at you that you can't afford. While you may work hard to take care of all of your financial obligations, it can more
Rare Elegant 1920's One Carat Diamond Ring.  This an old European cut diamond graded vs1 with "E" color set in an platinum oval filigree setting with 8 accents diamonds for 1.5 more
If you're in the market for electronic devices, you’ll do well to stop by Moore Pawn & Furniture this month. The luck of the Irish is inspiring the pawnbrokers at this quality more
St. Patrick is said to have banished all snake from the emerald isle and to have used the shamrock to teach the locals about the trinity of God.  At Moore Pawn and Furniture we more
Recently I heard a song on the radio by Tim McGraw that was called "Be Humble and Kind" and related to a variety of scenarios.  This struck home to me as it relates to the pawn more
While the holidays can be exhilarating, they can also be quite draining especially on your wallet. Spending quality time with your loved ones may have also meant spending more
February is the best month for savings at Moore Pawn & Furniture in Lincoln, Nebraska. Now is the best time to do your taxes, and for the romantics, Valentine’s Day is right more
For all of us the valentine season can be a bit difficult.  So we want to make it easier for you.  We have a wide selection of jewelry and tools that we are putting on more
Winter rules say that we have much more time inside on our hands.  What a great time to get your guitar out and get in some practice so you can impress your friends with more
We have TV's on Sale for 10%off the marked price.  We have sizes from 19-50" and a selection that includes, led, lcd, plasma, and smart TV's.  lf you need a TV stand we more
The Christmas Season is over and hopefully yours has been beautiful.  For many the next few months will be a time of moving and transition.  As a result you may be looking more
Who comes to a pawn shop?  I have many people ask me this when I tell them that I own a pawn shop.  The reality surprises people when I tell them that I cut across a more
This Beautifull TV Stand/Sofa Back Table is in excellent shape and would be a great addition to any home.  We have many other tv stands to choose from and all at discounted more
You never know when you might end up in a pinch and in need of some cold hard cash. When people in Lincoln, NE, want to part with their valuables for quick cash returns, they more
There are definitely times when a payday loan/advance would be a good choice.  At most banks if you overdraft your account they will charge you a fee.  That fee will vary more
For most of us, we have a monthly budget that we need to stick to or else be in trouble.  Some times we come across a deal that is so good that we feel we have to take more
People always ask me what is the weirdest item that has ever come into the store.  Yesterday we had a doozy.  A guy comes in and pulls out of his pocket a ring and more
We have 15% off all of our jewelry, PS3 & Xbox 360 Game Systems, TV's, and Laptop Computers.  We have a great selection of all of these items and you are the big winner more
Have you been looking for a TV or Game System.  We have an excellent selection of name brands ranging in all sizes to choose from at 10% off the marked price.  Hurry in more
This is the time of year when everyone anticipates the Black Friday deals. Most families plan weeks in advance to chart the most efficient route in order to get everything that they more
10% off any tv or game system.  New arrival Bargains.  Brown Leather Sofa and Loveseat with Nail head accent.  This set is a beauty and is priced at only $899. more
I'm not Tim Allen and as a result I don't have any witty stories to tell you about the pawn business.  However, I am asked all the time if things are the same here as the are more
Life happens, and sometimes life throws things your way that require cash, cash you don’t have. When you need emergency cash and not just a promise of payment, don’t worry. Moore more
FLASH SALE!!! 10% off all regular priced video game system and laptops. TODAY ONLY now through Closing time at more
You have heard or seen people do cool and silly things with a flash mob.  We are borrowing the idea for today at Lincoln's quality pawn shop.  If you come in and purchase more
It can happen to anyone. An emergency or unexpected expense causes your bank account to become overdrawn, and the resulting overdraft fees can lead to even more financial hardship. more
Have you noticed how many times you call a business only to spend the next five to ten minutes trying to get through the phone computer system to actually talk to someone?  It more
What do you look for when you are shopping for a diamond ring?  I have been surprised by just how little people know about jewelry when they come in and look at our selection more
Moore Pawn happens to be only about 6 blocks south of the main campus for the University of Nebraska, Lincoln.  We had the kids move back into the resident housing this past more
Early September is the perfect time to prepare for harvest and the fall season. The drop in temperature means you may be spending more time outdoors and possibly more time working more
With school starting and everyone getting back into the routine of kids going everywhere we are celebrating by having an End of Summer Welcome Back Students Sale!!  If you're more
There are many countries where price of an item isn’t determined by the sales tag on it, but by how hard the buyer is willing to haggle for it—a practice that has largely gone out more
July has some interesting holidays and observance days like national sidewalk egg frying day, ice cream day, national parents day, national nude day (a hot day--or not), more
Not sure what to get Dad this year for Father’s Day? Moore Pawn & Furniture in Lincoln is here to help out by hosting a Dad Appreciation Day Celebration on Friday, June 19 more
Head to Moore Pawn & Furniture in Lincoln, NE this week, in an anticipation for Mother’s Day on the 10th, and you’ll receive 15% off of all jewelry!If you don’t know where more
This beautiful piece is made by Thomasville it has fold out top for extra space a special drawer insert to protect silver flatware from tarnishing also has storage underneath for more
America’s pastime is back! To celebrate the beginning of baseball season, Moore Pawn & Furniture is offering a 15% discount off of all baseball paraphernalia. If you’re a more
Decorating your home doesn’t have to be expensive or super time-consuming. There are lots of ways to add a dash of comfort and style to your living space without busting your budget, more
If you stop by Moore Pawn & Furniture in Lincoln, NE before February 14th, then you can take advantage of their spectacular Valentine’s Day special of 15% off all jewelry and more