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Sharon Sanborn Counseling Coaching

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Sharon Sanborn Counseling Coaching, Counseling, Health and Beauty, Seattle, Washington

Sharon Sanborn Counseling & Coaching has provided an outlet for the people of Washington State to develop effective life skills to improve their quality of life for over 17 years. Located in Seattle, Sharon Sanborn has more than 30 years of background experience in the mental health and teaching fields which she has wholeheartedly poured into her practice as a counselor and life coach.

As a board certified Registered Art Therapist and Certified Hypnotherapist and Coach as well as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, she specializes in helping residents identify setbacks and develop action plans to overcome self-defeating roadblocks while working to improve the overall quality of life for her patients. Whether you suffer from anxiety, Phobias, OCD, Depression, Bipolar Disorder or something else, her kind approach offers clients effective strategies aimed at overcoming life patterns that prove uncomfortable or ineffective.

In addition, she can help guide couples through her effective methods of relationship counseling. Whether you feel stuck in your relationship, experience frequent conflict or find yourself to be unhappy in your current relationship, Sharon Sanborn offers counseling sessions to help find and work through the similarities and differences that two people bring to a relationship. Sharon Sanborn Counseling & Coaching welcomes individuals of all sexualities and provides LGBT relationship counseling and openly assists individuals and their loved ones no matter where they fall on the gender spectrum.

If you’ve exhausted every outlet and still feel mentally drained, look into the benefits of having a counselor on your side. Whether you experience some level of anxiety, have trouble communicating your feelings, or simply feel stuck in your current state of life, Sharon Sanborn Counseling & Coaching wants to help you rediscover your passion for life and the things you love. Call her at (206) 283-9767 or visit her online to see all of her treatment options.

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