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As our primary mode of transportation, our feet take us everywhere we want to go. What happens when the thing you rely on most for transportation suddenly stops working properly? If you suffer from daily foot problems, it's important to have an experienced podiatrist examine your feet and get to the root of the problem, fast. Dr. Sam T. Wood, DPM at St. Peters Foot & Ankle, in St Peters, MO, proudly offers quality podiatry services to those living throughout St. Charles County.

Dr. Wood is Board Certified by the American Board of Podiatric Surgery and will treat a wide variety of foot problems at his offices, including sprained ankles, fractures, bunions and foot pain associated with diabetic complications. From routine checkups to surgical treatments and cosmetic fixes, this podiatrist is dedicated to offering every patient a custom-designed treatment plan that prioritizes your specific need.

Whether your symptoms are related to medical complications, circulatory issues, arthritis, bone malformations or trauma, your feet are in good hands with this physician. Not only does he bring his years of experience to the practice, but as a Fellow of Foot and Ankle Surgeons, he also continues to further his knowledge and education on the most up-to-date and effective technologies and therapies available.

Don’t let your feet keep you from discovering new horizons. If you suffer from foot or ankle complications of any kind, employ the help of the podiatrist at St. Peters Foot & Ankle and get back on your feet in no time. To discuss your concerns with a friendly member of his staff, call (636) 720-0190 today or visit their website for more information.

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